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April 10, 2015 Moderosa


Some of you know, some not, but I’m a major beauty lover. I love to try all kinds of facial masks, makeup, cremes ect. So when Yourtea asked me to test their new product ‘Teaface‘, I immediately said yes!

Tea Face is all natural and works amazingly well to help hydrate and heal the skin from imperfections. My skin is quit easy to handle, so I’m super curious about the result! So here we go!

After breaking a mirror while filming a makeup tutorial ( Yes I finally made one ) I was a bit stressed, so I thought it was time to take a break and try the mask. After applying it really easily, I started cleaning all the mirror damage, and left the mask on my face for 30 minutes.

After taking the mask of my skin it felt super soft and gave me a natural glow. I’m super happy with the result, and this product is definitely worth trying out. Get yours here!



1.  Clean your skin with a cleanser of choice, ensuring it is free of makeup/oil
2.With your fingertips, lather a teaspoon full of TeaFace scrub over your face. Be sure to steer clear of your eyes and surrounding areas as this skin is extremely delicate!
3. With your fingertips, gently scrub in a circular motion over your face.The pressures hould be gentle enough to feel comfortable yet firm enough to feel the circulation moving
4. Leave the scrubonyourfacetosoakforanywherefrom10minutestoanhour. Each skin type will be different – so once you feel like your skin is ready and has finished hydrating/soaking – you can remove
5. Toremove, soak a warm damp cloth and gently wipe off the skin
6.If you wish, you can finish up with your usual moisturizing routine



moderosa teaface


  1. lieke 5 years ago

    Really curious!

  2. anna 5 years ago

    Looks a bit weird haha, but I do believe it’s good for your skin!

  3. lisa 5 years ago

    You beauty!

  4. TheDayDreamings 5 years ago

    so beautiful! thanks for sharing!

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