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April 18, 2016 Moderosa

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What better way to celebrate your friendship by going to Paris? Right, there is no better way! This is my best friend Anna, I’ve known her for years since we went to the same school but we never hung out until one and a half years ago. We bumped into each other on the train on our way to Amsterdam and suggested we should have coffee one time soon. So we did, and since that moment we’ve met up every week once or twice. Our first trip together was to Paris, so it was great to hang out in Paris again after a year.
Together with Calvin Klein we celebrate friendship, something really special if you ask me. We laugh, we cry, we share the same passion for fashion and grew up in a warm family. We think exactly the same, and we laugh even harder when we are guessing what the other one was thinking. Here’s an example:

When we were at Gare du Nord we wanted to buy some drinks and food for our 3,5 hour journey to Amsterdam. Sitting in the corner behind us was a homeless man, and without saying anything to Anna, I bought him a blueberry muffin. At the time I decided to give the man the muffin, Anna told me she got him a sandwich and some water. Well, I think that was just freaky, since we both didn’t say anything about it! And these kind of things happen quite often haha!
Ok, back to this super cute coffee place just around the corner of our hotel. Something we love to do is hang out, and drink coffee or tea. We’re both wearing the C​alvin Klein step watch,​I’m wearing it in total silver, along with C​alvin Klein beyond jewellery.  ​I think the watch goes with just everything with its simple and timeless design.

Are you curious about Anna’s pictures of us together and reading her story? Go check it out h​ere!​


  1. Liesa 5 years ago

    Such pretty pictures!

  2. mirella 5 years ago

    Great story! x

  3. miranda 5 years ago

    great story!

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