September 18, 2015 Moderosa






Morning girls! I think you all know the feeling when you wake up and your hair looks like shit. Well for me thats almost every day since my hair is fluffy and curly when I don’t blow dry of straight my hair. On the first picture you can see how my hair looks like when I’m just out of bed. Yesterday I blow dried my hair, but since it’s raining it’s all fluffy and curly right now. So i’m using my new Genesis straightener to make my hair look much better and also makes it look healthier! What you need is a straightener ( got mine here ) a brush, a hair clip and some argan oil. Follow the steps on my pictures to get straight and beautiful hair! I’m happy like a kid

Diva Genesis Straightener
Argan Velvet
Air Motion Brush 


  1. Diane 4 years ago

    Your hair looks silky straight and so healthy! I didn’t know a straightener could do that so well.

    xx, Diane ||

    • Author
      Moderosa 4 years ago

      Thanks! I didn’t knew since I got a good straightener..I always had cheap once that damaged my hair a lot!

  2. Mariska 4 years ago

    I need that too.. my hair is extreme dry at the moment!

    • Author
      Moderosa 4 years ago

      You should definitely try it out!

  3. Marloes 4 years ago

    Staat je heel mooi! Je hebt prachtig haar, en de kleur is super!

  4. Jules 4 years ago

    I actually love your natural hair, but the straight and shiny hair looks amazing (also, how cute are all the pictures?)! Btw: I love your new hair color, it looks so good on you!

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