May 26, 2017 Moderosa

As you might have noticed I started training lately. In the beginning it’s always difficult to find out what’s working for you. You start with exercising, the easy way, but you know you need to train to see the result.
So I followed some girls on instagram that shared their traning routine and I created my own routine with some help of the gym where I work out. I’ve started this training schedule 2 months ago and I already see the result! I’m mostly train my legs and stomach muscles and I really see that my body is slowly transforming.

So the slogan of Nike, stop exercising, start training out really works for me. They just launched their newest Nike Free TR7 shoes that helps you to achieve the goals you are working on. The shoes are super light weighted which is so much easier when you do you your training routine. And of course, they look pretty aswell. Beside training I also love to find some nice training gear and look fashionable at the gym.

I’m super curious if you work out at all and what you think of the slogan. If you have any tips please let me know since I’m still learning!

Wearing a complete Nike look


  1. Peta Dunia 4 weeks ago

    Als ik dit zie denk ik dat ik ook maar weer moet gaan sporten! Haha!

  2. Peta Dunia 4 weeks ago

    Super gaaf om te zien! Je bent ook echt afgevallen! Ik zou graag meer van zulke posts zien!

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