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November 4, 2016 Moderosa


My life is a bit hectic now and then, like last week for example. I just came back from Paris on Sunday night and the Estée Lauder crew was already waiting for me early on Monday morning. I knew they wanted to know a bit more about me and about my daily routines, and I’m super happy with the result.
We started with my morning routine, something that will sound familiar for you probably. It was a really laid back conversation and that felt very good since I could totally be myself. And that’s the thing that I love about this video, you can see who I am, what I do, and most of all, that I’m also a normal girl but also a very lucky girl with an amazing job. I’m super happy that I, Moderosa, achieved so much the last couple of years and that brands like Estée Lauder support me with that by filming this video.

One of the tips I’m giving you is to never go to sleep before taking off your make up, and never put on any make-up before applying a day cream. As you can see I’m using the Revitalizing Supreme+ Anti-Aging Cell Power Crème that really hydrates my skin during the day. Which is really good since I have to wear lots of make-up for video’s or photoshoots. I’m super curious what you think of the video, and if you have any goals in life! Feel free to let me know!

Love, Roos

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  1. Marle 4 years ago

    Hele leuke video! Ben sowieso echt weg van je kanaal sinds kort! Alleen je outfits zijn al super inspirerend! <3

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